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Weekly Blog - Return Of Racing

It was the news that everybody had hoped and prayed for, to hear last Friday afternoon that racing would resume on the 8th of June.

The past couple of weeks had been tough. Keeping horses ticking over, the balance of not doing too much but enough to stop them from being too fresh and stupid that they would do a silly injury.

I felt reenergised that we now have a plan, I presume every trainer / owner and all the staff must now feel the same, a sense of purpose and a goal.

We have about 10/12 horses for the flat and a couple of summer jumpers this year, some old favourite’s that having been popping up the past few years but also a few new names and youngster’s that are exciting.

The provisional summary will be out in the next day or two and that will allow us to start planning races for each individual.

Here is to a successful summer.

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